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Below is some information about pests found in the Rochester NY area.

Other Common Bugs


The only native species of earwig found in the northern US is the spine-tailed earwig.
Earwigs are flattened, with an long shaped body generally 1/4 to 2 in. long
Earwigs live for about a year from time of hatching.
Earwigs are nocturnal, and typically hide in small, dark, and moist areas in the daytime.
They can usually be seen on household walls and ceilings.

Stink Bugs

Stink Bug
Adult stink bugs are about 0.67 in long and about the same size in width.
Sting bugs usually enter houses in the fall when nights get colder.
They can enter your home under the siding, soffits, window and door frames or any crack which is big enough to fit through.
Stink bugs can release an odor through holes in its abdomen and yes it does stink.


Silverfish are long, flat insects and grow to 1/2 to 1 inch long.
They can live up to eight years.
They can contaminate food, damage paper products and stain clothing.
Silverfish can be a problem year round.

Pill Bugs

Pill Bugs
Pill bugs are oval insects and grow to about 3/4 inches long.
They can roll up into a small ball.
They can live up to two years.