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Below is some information about pests found in the Rochester NY area.


Argentine Ants

Colonies can be as large as millions with multiple queens and subcolonies.
Worker ants are all the same size, about 2 - 3 millimeters.
Argentine Ants are usually dull brown in color.
Colonies can split in spring and summer to create a new subcolonies with just a single queen an 10 workers.

Carpenter Ants

Colonies can be as large as 50,000 worker ants and they can live for 7 years!
When foraging they leave a pheromone trail, so that they know where they've been.
The mating season is generally between March and July, therefore, you will see increased activity in the spring.

Pavement Ants

Colonies average 3,000 to 4,000 and have several queens.
Color is dark brown to blackish, and are 2.5mm to 4mm long.
They make their nests in or under cracks in pavement.