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Your pest control solution is only as good as the people that stand behind it. No worrys, all our work is covered by our 100% guarantee. If your pests return between treatments, our exterminators will return FOR FREE.


Effective pest management is a process, it may not be a one-time event. Our exterminators are trained to identify your pest threat and risk areas. First we inspect and identify the reason for the pests in your home. Then, with the information we gathered, a unique pest control solution will be designed to protect your home.

We work with our customers to treat your pest issues in ways that are best for your family, pets and the environment. The unique pest control solution designed for your home will eliminate pests exactly where they appear in your home, both inside and out.


Our exterminators will design a pest management plan that is specific to your type of business and will protect your workspace. Let us design a Commercial Pest Management plan engineered to assure your business a pest free environment.


If you currently have a pest problem, our exterminators will deal with it quickly and professionally. We are committed to customer service, and dedicated to being the best Pest Control company in the Rochester NY area.


Bed Bugs, Bees, Boxelder Bugs, Ants, Mice, Rats, Cockroaches, Cicadas, Moths, Spiders, Beetles, Mosquitos, Fleas, Flies, Earwigs, Sliverfish and others...


 * Sealing basement or crawl space access against rodents and other small animals.
 * Sealing all holes and cracks around pipes, windows, and siding.
 * Fixing vent screens and chimney caps.